Green Valley Herbal's Tea Sampler

Delicious introduction to our wonderful teas. Our Teas were our our first major product line and there is quite a story behind them. If you are curious we suggest you view our Tea Story page.

Because we have such a variety of teas many people asked us to offer a sampler of teas, so here it is! Each package of our sampler contains 2 tea bags of our most popular teas. Each of the bags makes 1 or 2 cups depending on how strong you like them. We include our six herbal teas: Clearhead, Comfort, Joy's Blend, Lemony Ginger, Slumber EZ, and Tummy Tamer, together with our Gourmet Tea Blends: White Tea & Jasmine, and Linden Flower & Green Tea.

We blend, bag, and package all of our teas here in western Colorado. Our teas are made with the finest ingredients available, all sourced from our preferred list of vendors here in the United States.


Green Valley Herbal's Tea Sampler



Green Valley Herbal's Tea Sampler.

Try each of wonderful Herbal Teas as well as our Gourmet Tea Blends. Decide your favorite for next time you order or just order the sampler again to experience the universe of tastes our teas offer. We include two bags of each variety so you can sample and enjoy before deciding on your favorite.




Tea Sampler

16 Tea bags per pkg. $4.80 each